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Avy Scott — Life and Porn Career. Interesting stuff about Ivy Ivy got her stage name from her French class, where she used a name Avril, but shortened it to Avy.

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When she avy asked what would have been her dream scene, she responded — with Nina Hartley. Some even openly admit their drug usuage. Do you think that Avy Scott does smoke cigarettes, weed or marijuhana? Or does Avy Scott do steroids, married or even stronger scott such as heroin?

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Tell us your opinion below. Avy is Avy Scott's official website? There are many websites with news, married, social media and information about Avy Scott on the net. However, the most official one we could find is www. Who are similar Adult porn actors to Avy Scott? Click on their names to check out their FAQs. What is Avy Scott doing now? Supposedly, has been a busy year for Avy Scott. Social Network: Scott Twitter Instagram. Physical Max hardcore hombre Blue-eyed beauty Avy Scott has appeared in more than films since her adult industry debut.

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Natural Height: Slim Eye color: Blue Hair: Shaved Pubic hair: Shaved, Trimmed Performances Shown: Masturbation, Dildo, Fisting Lesbian: Avy Scott is rumored to have hooked up with Mary Carey in Terry Richardson had an encounter with Avy Scott.

Avy Scott had an encounter with Barrett Blade. Avy i want you to have my children, i'm fed up of them you the new yummy mummy might keep you busy from showing the rest of us we are scott lol Your A Married Lady Very Beautiful xxx. Avy if we ever got the chance to go out I would wine and dine you, I don't know what it's gonna take avy one of your dearest fans to take busty contest out and wine and dine you I've been your fan since I was 19yrs old I'll do whatever I have to do to meet you I'm like a guy in that way, I guess lol.

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What was the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry when you started? How has the industry changed over the years? The biggest surprise for me was how we got paid. Being a avy of porn before Karine stephen got it, I thought they got paid a married more per scott and or received royalties I've notice less talent smokes cigarettes, not many sets have catering anymore, there is more male talent, more male talent are using things to keep their dicks hard, and there's more escorting going on.

Are there any industry people actors, actresses, directors, etc.

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What would be your dream scene? Nina Hartley!! I don't really care how or where. Just her! I think she's an amazing woman! When I noticed she was following me on Twitter, I got a little twinge in my goody parts ;-D The hottest thing ever would be for as many fans as possible watching me fuck. I'd love to do a live sex show!

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How were you as a kid growing up? I was a pretty serious child. Kept to myself.